High Layer Count PCBs

High Layer Count PCBs 

High layer count PCBs, widely found in file servers, data storage, GPS technology, satellite systems, weather analysis and medical equipment are usually ≥12L with special performance requirement raw material.  

Kinwong capabilities are as follows:

  • Max. Layer: 40 layers
  • Material: Ultra-low loss/Very low loss/Low loss/Mid-loss material
  • High Layer Count HDI PCBs​
  • High Layer Count Optical Module
  • Max. Aspect Ratio: 15:1
  • Trace Width/Spacing Tolerance:±20%; ±10% for signal trace areas by special control
  • Layer Registration Tolerance: 5mil
  • Back-Drill Stub Length: 2mil-10mil
  • Impedance Tolerance: ±8%
  • Insert Loss: SET2DIL /Delta L / VNA
  • Embedded Capacitor/Resistance/Copper Coin

For more information about Kinwong’s capabilities, please contact one of our Field Application Engineers