Flexible PCBs


Flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) has become a common component of electronic products due to its lightness and flexibility performance. It is widely used in smart terminal, wearable electronics, consumer, automotive, industrial and medical fields. The miniaturization and integrated function of electronics product development is driving FPC to fine line and multilayer design. 

Kinwong can provide the following needs:

  • Single side/Double side, Multilayer(6 layers or below)
  • Roll to Roll manufacturing, enable the ability of handling thin base material
  • 0.035mm small via
  • 0.035/0.035mm trace width/space design
  • From SMT to adhesive dispensing, ICT to FCT, assembly & Test full process capability, One-stop shop service for our customers
  • 5G FPC Simulation/Manufacturing/Test One-stop shop service

For more information about Kinwong’s capabilities, please contact one of our Field Application Engineers